Techused Computer Recycling/Asset Recovery
Techused Computer Recycling/Asset Recovery
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Columbus Ohio Leaders in Computer Recycling & I.T. Asset Recovery
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FULLY COMPLIANTWe adhere to all I.T. and consumer electronic recycling regulations.
ASSET REPURPOSINGWe refurbish and redeploy I.T. assets so nothing goes to waste.
WE HEART ENVIRONMENTTechUsed is founded upon environmentally friendly practices.
ZERO WASTEIndividuals can drop off items to be recycled as well.

Promoting A Better Tomorrow Through Computer Recycling in Columbus, Ohio.

Techused Computer Recycling/Asset Recovery helps you “green-up” your electronic waste through computer recycling in Columbus, Ohio. 

At Techused Computer Recycling/Asset Recovery, we help minimize unwitting environmental damage by recycling electronics.  Televisions, PCs and many other electronic devices contain a number of potential toxins and when you discard your old desktop for a sleek new laptop, those toxins can be dumped into a landfill to eventually leach into ground water.   When you bring electronics to us, we will recycle your computer by disassembling it into it components and recycling or properly disposing of the parts.  For the most part, our computer recycling in Columbus is free though certain items require a fee due to difficulty in processing.    In addition to our recycling work, we also perform televisionLCD, and computer repairs, allowing you to reduce your electronic waste by restoring them to functionality.

Computer Hardware & Peripherals Should Be Recycled For Two Primary Reasons:

  • The materials in the products can be reused in the production of new products, minimizing the amount of material that goes into landfills and the need for raw materials. 
  • Some of the component materials must be disposed of or reused in a specific manner to protect the environment.

Give us a call at (614) 777-5557 or stop in today for PC recycling and TV repairs.

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